Once a booming mining city, Butte is Montana’s basecamp for historic exploration and outdoor recreation.

Originally called “Butte, America” because of its melting pot immigrant population, Butte today is deep-rooted in history and known for its local pride. Butte’s bygone days of copper mining have left behind historic sites like the Berkely Pit, the Granite Mountain Memorial Overlook and the Copper King Mansion. The city’s “Butte Tough” mindset produced iconic stunt performer Evel Knievel, who attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps.

Beyond its history, Butte is an outdoor playground with access to plentiful hiking, biking and ATV trails, as well as the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. For a dose of America’s past, a vibrant local scene, and quick access to scenic vistas, Butte is the place to be.

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