Solar Array Added to Baymont by Wyndham in Bozeman


This summer, Highline's new solar array went live on the Baymont by Wyndham in Bozeman, installed by OnSite Energy. According to OnSite Energy, this system is one of the largest net-metered solar arrays in Bozeman.

In 2020, renewable energy sources became the second most common source of electricity in the United States, breezing past nuclear and coal on its way to a brighter future. And Highline Adventures is excited to continue moving that needle with this new solar install. Find out more about the program at the Baymont, and how your stay can have a big impact.

Baymont Hotel Solar Project

The new solar system at the Baymont Hotel in Bozeman, Montana, is up and running, pulling that sweet sun power to keep the light on for you. Enjoy your time relaxing in your room, knowing that every cell phone charge, channel surfing session and coffee break is powered by sustainable energy.

This new solar array will offset approximately 25% of the hotel's overall energy demand, which is typical of large commercial arrays in the area. The Baymont array is estimated to produce approximately 85,297 kilowatt hours of energy in its first year, which is equivalent to avoiding the CO2 emissions from 66,812 pounds of coal burned and the greenhouse gas emissions from 151,918 miles driven in a vehicle. That’s a significant offset in harmful emissions, and Highline Adventures hopes more hotels will see this positive impact and follow suit.

OnSite Energy has been hard at work in the Bozeman community to help harness the power of the sun. Their installations contribute by expanding access to these renewable energy sources, and they also give back to local conservation organizations at the same time, closing the loop of community and environmental support.

											 Man installing solar array

Our Other Solar Projects

This isn’t the only solar shakeup going on at a Highline property: a new system will be installed this month on the Gardiner Travelodge, while the Livingston Travelodge and Gardiner Super 8 are already solar successes. OnSite Energy outfitted the systems there too, working toward sustainability each day they operate. In saving 80,790 kilowatt hours of energy during its first year installed, the Livingston Travelodge system offset the carbon emission equivalent of 141,741 miles driven in a passenger vehicle. That makes it easy to justify making another road trip to Montana!

Green Commitment

Highline properties don’t just stop at solar. Across each hotel, rental and campsite, the company has made a commitment to sustainable tourism. With pushes to reduce waste, decrease water usage, reduce power consumption and embrace local purchasing becoming second nature, each traveler who books at a Highline property can have a positive impact on the travel world and the environment.

You can join the movement, too, with your travel choices. By buying from locally-owned restaurants, supporting area artists, and bringing along reusable water bottles to refill, skipping single-use plastic takeout containers and opting for utensils you can wash and use again, you can give back to the area you visit while supporting the future of our favorite natural spaces, too.

In choosing accommodation that prioritizes the planet, you can help support the public lands, natural areas and wide open spaces that visitors to our regions celebrate. A stay at the Baymont is waiting when your Bozeman adventures call.