Indoor Activities Around Bozeman


There’s a lot to do in Bozeman when you’re outside under the big sky, but it never hurts to have some indoor options as well. Between dining and culture, physical feats, and educational favorites, you can find plenty to do indoors. Here are a few of the top indoor activities to enjoy in and around Bozeman.

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Dining and Drinks

You have a wide range of ways to imbibe in Bozeman. With breweries pouring pints of craft brews, local distilleries getting spirited, and tasty grab-and-go food options coexisting happily alongside fine dining establishments, eating and drinking could take up much of your time sheltered from unpredictable weather. Cozy up with a hot chocolate and a pastry while you enjoy a few hours of quiet time, or taste your way around town on a DIY food tour for the ages.

Shopping Time

Bozeman holds a host of shopping options, both downtown and beyond. From bookstores to art galleries, boutique clothing, to outdoor gear, you can find it all in Bozeman. This is a great way to spend some hours indoors, and take home a piece of the Treasure State too. Wander down Main Street and see what the town has to offer, with antiques, boutiques, jewelry, art, souvenirs, books, and home goods all within a few blocks.

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Museum of the Rockies

The dinos are ready to roam at the Museum of the Rockies. The timeline at this famous natural history museum starts before the dinosaurs walked the Earth and takes you all the way up to the days of the settlers in Montana. This spot is popular for all ages, and it makes a great way to pass an afternoon while you learn a little at the same time.

Spire Climbing

Bozeman is known for being in close proximity to a number of world-class climbing destinations, and one of them just happens to be indoors. Spire Climbing Center is the home gym for plenty of the pros, and it’s clear why it’s so popular. With more than 18,000 square feet of climbing and bouldering, including lead routes, top rope, and auto-belay, there are options for seasoned climbers, beginners, and the whole family as soon as they’re ready to chalk up. You can reserve gym time online to be sure you have a spot, and the rest of their policies and procedures are available on their website as well.

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Montana Indoor Sports

Families will love to burn some energy at Montana Indoor Sports. Between an indoor playground, batting cages, basketball and volleyball courts, and turf sports field, this facility caters to those days where you need to burn some energy but heading up into the mountains isn’t an option. Drop-in hours offer flexibility and fun, and you can enjoy a quick scrimmage with the whole crew.

American Computer and Robotics Museum

Technophiles can embrace some off-beat education at the American Computer and Robotics Museum. Exhibits cover 4,000 years of human history in the span of one building, packing in early cuneiform tablets, personal computers in their infancy, coding, and plenty more. The museum has been touted as one of the top attractions in Bozeman, and it’s a great way to spend some time out of the elements.

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