Hunting near Paradise Valley


Nothing gets your blood up like hearing bulls bugling while they're in rut, coming right at you as you cow call. If you're hungering for speed goats and hoping to put a bird on the table this fall, you're in the right place with a hunting trip in Paradise Valley, Montana. This area is the prime spot for elk, pronghorn, grouse, pheasant, and deer, so hunters of all sorts can find the experience of a lifetime. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your trip.

License Requirements

Be sure to check current regulations before you go, and know what you can and can't shoot, and where. You can find Montana hunting regulations online to help you prep.

You can obtain licenses online or in person at Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional offices, or with licensed providers. If you want to pick up your license in person in Livingston, you can stop in at Casey's Corner #4, Dan Bailey's Fly Shop, Sweetwater Fly Shop, Yellowstone Angler Inc, or Yellowstone Gifts And Sports, all located nearby.

When to Go

If you enjoy the serenity of the silent forest—and an early start on filling your tags—tune-up your bow for deer and elk archery season beginning on September 5. When rifle season starts with crisp air and clear skies, you know it's time to get down to business from September 15 to November 29 when you're going after ungulates. Of course, there are different seasons depending on what tags you draw, so find the complete dates of each season here.

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Hunting in Grizzly Country

It's important to remember that you aren't the only predator out there—you share the forest with other animals seeking survival, and being bear aware is an important part of existing in the ecosystem.

It starts with planning ahead, checking in with local ranger stations before heading out so you can find out if any problem bears have been reported in the area. Even though your goal is to move stealthily and silently across the landscape as you're hunting, you want to play it safe and use typical bear practices and make your presence known if you find recent evidence of a bear nearby. And it's best to travel the backcountry in a group, rather than solo, to stay safe. Get into the nitty-gritty of bear safety here.

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and the Custer Gallatin

The Custer Gallatin National Forest makes a stunning backdrop for some time in the woods, whether it's during hunting season or not. Expect rugged, forested, and mountainous terrain, with the potential for plentiful wildlife and stunning views. With over a million acres to investigate and many mammals over each ridge and around every bluff, this is prime hunting territory at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park.

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Where to Stay

The comforts of a hotel are nothing to brush off after a long day on your feet traveling over rough land. A stay in Gardiner gives you all the creature comforts, while still maintaining easy access to the wild areas where the game hangs out. So enjoy a comfortable bed, powerful heater, and access to dining and drinks in town to help you unwind during your hunting trip in Paradise Valley.

Staying with Highline Adventures

Whether you are coming for an adventure, or just passing through, we have eight properties in Gardiner, Bozeman, and Bigfork to help you feel at home while you are on the road. Click here to book now.