Between Glacier and Yellowstone: What to See Along the Way


When you're traveling between Glacier and Yellowstone, you have a wide range of sights to appreciate, hikes to take, and attractions to visit. Whether you're driving through Missoula, Helena, or Great Falls, you have a distinct side of the state to enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite stops along the way.

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Our First Route

Heading down the Rocky Mountain Front from East Glacier to Yellowstone will take you past some epic viewpoints and sweeping plains. If your path takes you to the Gardiner entrance of Yellowstone, you have plenty of options for a stop.

Dinosaur Museums

If you get excited about dinosaurs, this is the way to go. The dinosaur museum in a.k.a. the Old Trail Museum, in Choteau, lays out some of the prehistoric backgrounds for the region, with the Montana Dinosaur Center in Bynam not far away along the route of Highway 89. No matter how old you are, you can appreciate the joy of a good dino skeleton.

Great Falls, Montana

You might have heard of the falls that some have described as "great" in this town. Lewis and Clark certainly thought so when they had to haul their boats out of the river and portage them around the roaring water. You might want to check out Giant Springs State Park or the historic town center while you pass through, too.

White Sulphur Springs

For a relaxing hot springs soak and a dose of small-town Montana, a stop at White Sulphur Springs just makes sense. Go for a soak in the natural hot springs here, and take a soothing break from the road while you chill.

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Our Second Route

From West Glacier to West Yellowstone, your path can take you in a few different directions. Taking this route through the Seeley-Swan Valley and the state capital of Helena can give you a unique look at Western Montana.

Seeley-Swan Valley

As far as northwestern scenery is concerned, you can't beat taking Highway 83 along Swan Lake, Seeley Lake, and the Swan River. This is a prime spot for wildlife, so watch out for deer and other large mammals that might meander in front of your car as you enjoy the forested mountain views.

Helena, Montana

The state's capital city offers up natural appeal and cultural fun. Try to hop on a boat tour at the Gates of the Mountains, where you can travel in the watery footsteps of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Or head downtown to the carousel and the walking street for shopping and treats.

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Our Third Route

Going from West Glacier to Yellowstone, south through Missoula, and east along I-90 will bring you a different perspective on the west half of the state, taking you by a host of stopping points along the way.

National Bison Range

As you head south through Polson and St Ignatius, keep your eyes open for signs that point you toward the National Bison Range. This nature reserve is home to a herd of bison, elk, antelope, bears, and more wildlife worth watching.

Missoula, Montana

Missoula is a top spot for dining, breweries, shopping, and river walks. Check out the water flow where avid surfers can hang ten on a man-made wave perfect for landlocked riding.

For more help and travel inspiration for your Montana exploration, the Highline Adventures blog can guide you on your trip planning.