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A Deeper Look at the Sustainability

Post Date: May 21, 2019

Endeavors at Highline Adventures

If someone were to tell us they don’t believe in love at first sight, our answer would be simple—they have never been to Montana. She’s a complex beauty, our state. One of the endless rolling valleys, brimming rivers and ridges that seem to touch the heavens everywhere you look. After all, a state doesn’t get a name like Big Sky Country for no reason. We love this state and the magnificently powerful earth that brought her forth. So much so, we’ve dedicated our life and livelihood to her. With that dedication comes a responsibility to sustainability that is not lost on us. Rather, it’s intertwined in all we do!

The Motel Industry’s Rocky History with Sustainability

It’s no secret that the hotel and motel industry has struggled to keep up with the green initiatives that have been integrated into daily life in many other industries around the nation. Plain and simple, it’s a tough space when it comes to sustainability. Creating an environment that feels like new for each guest that walks through your door means an extreme amount of one-time use on products and a huge amount of waste. There are the tiny shampoo bottles, trash can liners, soap wrappers, half-used toilet paper rolls, lights left on, plastic dinnerware, and the constant laundering of sheets and towels. And that’s just to name a few!

We started this business based on a deep love for our state. A huge part of our purpose and dedication to our “why” as a business means preserving Montana as much as possible. For those who are coming through on a visit to enjoy her natural and largely untouched beauty, to those who will be here for many generations after us. If you’re interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts, we invite you to come to stay with us and see for yourself!

How Highline Adventures is Changing That in Montana

One of the things we love most about Montana is her slow pace. Coming here really is a bit like traveling back in time. However, when it comes to sustainability, slow isn’t really all that endearing. This is one area we don’t want to be one of the last to catch on to. That’s why HighlineAdventures is taking great strides to make our venues as sustainable and green as possible. These practices certainly aren’t novel in respect to green efforts, but they are newer to the historically wasteful motel industry, especially in Montana. Whether it’s nixing those little trash can liners, converting to all LED lights, using mounted product dispensers in the shower, or even composting, we’re doing whatever we can. And they make a huge difference! If you’ve ever noticed those little cards in your hotel room prompting you to hang back up towels you wish to reuse, you’ve seen new sustainability efforts in practice. In fact, the website the Marriott chain reported saving as much as 17 percent in hot water and sewer costs at its hotels' thanks to the implementation of its Linen Reuse Program. With small changes making this much of a difference, we can’t imagine not doing whatever we can to help sustain our environment.

we invite you to come to stay with us and see for yourself!