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5 Ways to Stay Active While Social Distancing When Visiting Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley

Post Date: Jul 28, 2020

We all need a little space right now. Mental space helps us cope with the strains of COVID and physical space to safely social distance. You can find some of that room you seek around Bozeman while still getting out in nature for some mental restoration. Here are a few of our favorite social distancing friendly activities in Big Sky Country.

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Cast a line in one of the hundreds of Montana river miles. With plenty of winding water to go around, this is one of the best ways to get away from it all. Wade in or float your way down the river in a drift boat or raft. The summer weather is calling, and the fish are biting.


When you put feet to the trail around Bozeman, expect to find unparalleled scenery, an array of plants and animals, and vistas stretching far and wide. There are so many trails to hike around here that you could spend months just churning up the miles. While it's true that more popular trailheads, like the M, see a lot of traffic, you can always get a little farther from the beaten path to find more peace and solitude.

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Get out on a river, lake, or reservoir and paddle to your heart's content, far away from crowds' crush. You can enjoy the serenity of open-water time far from others, paddling hard and fast or slow and languid to get the most out of your outside time. Hyalite Reservoir, Gallatin Regional Park, or the quieter sections of rivers around make for an ideal spot to let the water flow beneath your hull.


If you're close buddies with your climbing partner and already broken the social distancing barrier with them, climbing can give you something active to do while staying away from others. It's hard to breach social distancing when you're in the middle of a pitch.

But if the risks are too high for comfort, you can always opt for a less technical form of climbing. Go for a scramble and bag some peaks. We have mountains all around us in Bozeman. You can even do the whole Bridger Ridge Trail range to get a healthy handful of mountaintops in one day. Hiking that far out there (when properly prepared and attired, of course) is a great way to get away from everything—and everyone.

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Mountain Biking

The miles of single track in this area are legendary. Pedal hard to ride those banked turns and epic downhills, cruising through mountains and fields, rolling hills and steep uphill grinds before you relish the downhill. If you head out on off-peak hours and quieter days, or do your best to scope out the less-traveled spots, you can often ride with few encounters with other bikers on the trail. That leaves more time for deep breaths of fresh air, burning muscles, and the descent's rush.

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